Analyst Insights - Retail Sector Risk Analysis Prepared by Professional, Experienced Financial Analysts
Counterparties in the Retail sector require intensive Risk Management solutions.

The Retail sector operates with several unique risks - changing consumer preferences, intensive competition, increasing growth of online shopping, complex supply chain issues, fraud and theft and reputational risks heightened by social media.
GCS Risk Management started its business focused on retail risk and continues to provide specialized content related to major retailers.

Our professional Financial Analysts monitor 230 major Retailers and Wholesalers daily and provide you with their in-depth analysis on credit risk, liquidity, and same store sales - all updated quarterly or daily.
Scoring Insights - Risk Scores, Ratings and Risk Designations
Over 23,000 companies, worldwide, are scored using proprietary Scoring Models based on financial metrics. Scores provide critical insight on the risk profile of your counterparties

Scoring Insights includes Risk Score report updates every quarter. Risk Score reports are based on 14 proprietary Scoring Models that capture the most important financial characteristics of risk for each industry. Risk Scores measure the financial health and medium-term sustainability of companies and also are predictive of bankruptcy.

Additional scoring reports include: (i) the Z Score analysis report which presents scores, risk designations and formula component values for three of the Z Score formulas, using the applicable formula for the subject company and (ii) the Agency Ratings report includes the current long-term and short-term ratings, Outlook and Credit Watch. Rating change headlines for the past 12 months and a table displaying up to six of the most recent rating changes also are included.
Financial Insights - Fundamentals, Key Stats and SEC Filings
Important financial metrics for over 23,000 companies, worldwide.

Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow presented in (i) Fundamentals - a condensed format with standardized chart of accounts that facilitates more efficient analysis and comparison, and (ii) Detailed Fundamentals - a detailed display of statements that includes supplemental financial details often found in footnotes.

The Key Stats report is a ratio report that captures major financial risk categories, for example, Earnings YTD, and Leverage & Capitalization. Report displays ratio values and percent changes from the prior financial period.

SEC Filings reports provide access to all Company SEC filings for the last 3 years. Filtering options permit Users to search the report type of interest.
Latest News - Curated business news from reputable sources.
Content from over 80 news publishers – domestic and foreign and over 90 news subject codes.

All business news providers and content have been reviewed and approved by GCS Risk Management to ensure that the News provided is high-quality, business-relevant news. Users can use News filters to select from 12 subject topics (e.g., Corporate Earnings, Business Changes, Earnings and Filings, Bankruptcy/Liquidation, etc.), and Date Ranges from Today to Last 3 Months.
Industry Insights - Benchmarking data leads to better informed risk decisions.
Reports display all selected data for the subject Company and all its Peer Companies.

Benchmarking reports compare business financial and ratio values of the subject company to all the companies in its industry peer group. These reports provide the data to identify the competitive environment of the subject company and helps Users to provide an independent perspective about the subject company and drill down to identify performance strengths and gaps.
Trade Insights - Identify Potential Risks for Credit Decisions.
See your counterparty’s payment behavior with commercial trade data.

Trade data is important to understanding the pattern of responsible financial behavior. This knowledge helps to protect your company from doing business with late payers and/or to adjust your exposure and payment requirements to reduce this risk.
Public Records - Assess Business Credentials, Reputation and Legal Issues.
Public record data helps to identify the best, safest counterparties.

Public Records provide important information related to the credit quality of any counterparty. This data can be a critical part of your risk management procedures. Public Record reports include Bankruptcy reports, Tax Liens and Judgment reports. These reports include for each Company: Filing Date, Amount, Filing Type, Plaintiff, Case Number, Release Date, and Court Name. (Tax Liens and Judgments less than $20,000 are not included in this database.)
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