GCS Risk Management provides the services and support to ensure that all Users receive unlimited assistance from our experienced and knowledgeable service professionals.
Our service and support professionals are always available: whether onboarding, portfolio management, using all the data, risk scores, analysis we provide, new product usage or implementation of custom options.
Our Services
Implementation Services
We ensure seamless, quick onboarding of your entire team. Our experienced Client Service professionals will partner with you to onboard your staff and provide all the information your staff need to efficiently access all of the solutions we offer.
Portfolio Management
Portfolio design is unique to each user. During the onboarding phase, we help you create portfolios and a portfolio structure that works best for you and your team.
Client Support
We respond quickly to all questions from existing Clients. We provide a Live Chat function for questions and our Client Service professionals are always available by phone or email.
Analyst Advisory
For Clients with access to Analyst Insights, our professional Analysts are available for questions and/or discussions of the risk profile of any of the companies they monitor.
Custom Data Transfer Options
Get the data you need for your internal applications. Clients have needs for periodic delivery of specific data for use in their internal risk procedures. We work with them to identify the specific data of interest and generate an FTP or API solution.
Transition Services
Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and loss of personnel frequently result in new users and/or re-assignment of credit risk management responsibilities. We assist with onboarding new users, re-orienting users with new responsibilities, and creating new or changing existing portfolios to new users.
Management Changes
Managers have access to a hierarchy of GCS Risk Management tools. If Management personnel changes occur, we setup a specialized training session for new Management personnel that covers all the special permissions and tools available to Managers.
Unlimited Training
We provide one-on-one training whenever you need it - whether you are new to GCS Risk Management or just need a refresher.
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